School Counseling

Day School

Finding success in school, both academically and socially, is a necessity for children/adolescents in becoming productive and independent adults. For students with special needs, however, finding that success is often a difficult task. This leaves emotionally distraught parents with the daunting task of determining the right school placement. At Academic Options, we partner with parents to assess a student’s needs, create an effective clinical team, seek out all appropriate school options, assist with the application/enrollment process, and help a family determine the school of choice. Once placed, Academic Options continues to monitor a student’s progress to ensure that all relevant issues are being addressed.

Boarding School

A parent’s first choice is to find a local school that meets their child’s academic and social needs. Unfortunately, at times it is determined that there are no appropriate options available near home. In these cases, a student may be best served in a boarding school that specializes in serving students with learning disabilities, attentional issues, or social skills deficits. Academic Options specializes in helping families find such out of home placements. By continually visiting and researching boarding schools, we are able to assess their level of care, student body, and academic philosophy. In turn, Academic Options can guide families to researching only those schools that have the potential to be a good match for each student. Parents can expect assistance with planning visits, completing applications, and continued monitoring once a student is placed.