Academic Programs

What Makes AO Programming Different?

  • AO evidence-based programs were created by experts in the field of education, whose published works are currently used in schools and graduate courses throughout the country.
  • As each student arrives at AO, our multidisciplinary team of psychologists, educators, and certified educational planners collaborate to develop personalized academic interventions tailored to the student’s needs.
  • All AO programs are designed to teach your child HOW to learn independently. Our goal is for each student to return to working at home in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Beyond the Tutoring: Benefits of Collaboration between Academic Instructors and Clinicians
    • Motivation and Adaptive Behavior are common factors among children who struggle academically. AO’s willingness to cooperate with other professionals involved in your child’s care allows for development of a collaborative multidisciplinary approach to program development. The articles below address various topics including: unique characteristics of each child’s needs, focus on effort versus grades, and the importance of addressing lack of interest and frustration.

Learning to Learn – Beyond Tutoring


Reading and Math Skills

These intensive programs are designed for students who struggle in reading or math. Interventions target specific areas of deficit and end when a student’s performance reaches their identified potential.

Study Strategies

The Study Strategies program at AO is appropriate for students who are not living up to their academic potential as well as for those who are faced with demands of a rigorous curriculum and challenging courses. This structured program teaches students how to organize, prioritize, map out long-term assignments, actively read textbook material, take efficient notes and use memorization techniques for real learning.

The goal of this program is for students to learn how to learn efficiently, develop confidence in their abilities, and independently earn higher grades and test scores.

Who will benefit from Study Strategies at Academic Options?

  • Students in grades four through college who are reading on grade level.
  • Students whose grades and test scores do not match their abilities or the amount of work and study they exert.
  • Students who require too much oversight to complete homework and study.
  • Students who want to achieve to their highest academic potential.

What is taught during the course?

Our program was designed using the most current research and best practices in education. The strategies taught are based upon the series of published books, Study Strategies Made Easy, Study Strategies Plus and Study Strategies for Early School Success co-authored by Leslie Davis, M.Ed. and Sandi Sirotowitz, M.Ed., directors at Academic Options. Students will be assessed and instructed in the following areas:

  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Starting and completing tasks
  • Planning, prioritizing and self management (metacognition)
  • Learning styles
  • Communication
  • Efficient reading comprehension
  • Note taking
  • Memorizing
  • Test taking
  • Homework management
  • Stress management

Who teaches the course?

As in all Academic Options programs, our instructors are experienced teachers who, in addition to their professional training, receive rigorous training by the authors/directors of the study skills program.

Where is the course offered?

For your convenience, instruction is offered on-site at our Weston learning center or through live on-line instruction. Both formats use the same program, instructors, and level of personal care.

Review and Repetition

Once students have learned efficient study strategies, AO provides an environment where instructors monitor how effectively students are independently applying those strategies to their daily work. Students are guided to be diligent and organized in independently completing their homework.